Avoiding the Wrong MVP Approach

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What about an MVP?

The claims processing product team was chartered with figuring out how to make something like this work. In the olden days, they would just dive in and build working functionality, hoping it would work great when launched. But, it never worked great.

What exactly is an MVP?

For many organizations, they’ve come to use MVP to mean a less functional, limited implementation application. Build it quick, get it into the hands of customers, and see how they like it.

Iterate on the learning

The team started by breaking down the questions they needed to answer. The first question was, could they get customer-supplied pictures that would be good enough for the claims adjusters?

MVPs: No coding necessary

Without writing any code, the team learned what they needed: customers could supply valuable pictures. That was only the first step, but it was a big one. (Next up: could they easily get those pictures into the existing claim system?)

UX Strategy with Jared Spool

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