Baking Innovation Into Your Design Process

Research the customer’s problems nobody else is solving.

As our organization matures our user research efforts, we will start shifting the research from investigating solutions (Are we building our designs the right way?) to investigating problems (Are we building the right designs?). This shift is essential for identifying where innovations will benefit the customers and users.

Populate the product roadmap with customer’s problems.

True innovation is hidden deep within the problems that our users are currently experiencing. Armed with our research of the problems, we plan out our roadmap of future product releases.

Innovative solutions come out of deep understanding.

The Kano model gives us insights on where to start. We look for expectations the users have that we’ve missed. Often these have an easy fix, yet because no-one has done the research, neither us nor our competitors have ever addressed them.



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Jared M. Spool

Jared M. Spool

Maker of Awesomeness at @CenterCentre/@UIE. Helping designers everywhere help their organizations deliver well-designed products and services.