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  • Kritika Mall

    Kritika Mall

    A disciple of UX Design looking actively for UX opportunities | https://kritikakreations.myportfolio.com/

  • Emma Boulton

    Emma Boulton

    Director of User Research @BabylonHealth Writing about Research Leadership, Research Operations, Design and UX.

  • Matthew Godfrey

    Matthew Godfrey

    Head of Product Design

  • Thomas Ziegelbecker

    Thomas Ziegelbecker

    Hi, I’m a Product Management enthusiast at Dynatrace, a dad, a husband, and an idealist who believes that we can make the world a better place.

  • Mike Curtis

    Mike Curtis

    (aka Uncle Mikey) How do others experience you? I help amplify people and products through human-centered design. 20+ years in design, e-com, sales, and UX.

  • John Nicholson

    John Nicholson

    User Research & Innovation | Principal @ Marketade (https://marketade.com/)

  • Kristy Knabe

    Kristy Knabe

    UX Strategist

  • Christina Wodtke

    Christina Wodtke

    Designing business, and the business of design. www.eleganthack.com

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