Four Approaches to Share and Reflect on Our Work

Terms for Us and Jargon for Them

Here are two conversations for us to compare:

Four Approaches to Share and Reflect on Our Work

What could make each approach different? Each one could answer a different type of question:

Matching Up Our Intent — The Design Walkthrough

Probably the most common way we see designers share their work is with a walkthrough. The walkthrough is a simple “here’s what I did and why I did it” discussion about the design.

Moving Our Design Forward–The Design Review

There are various points in a design process where we have to say, “Yes, we’re ready to move forward.” That’s where a design review would come in.

Sharing the Experience–The Design Demonstration

Sometimes, it’s easier for someone to understand the design by seeing it from the perspective of using it. That’s when a demo becomes the right way to share how the design works.

Reflecting on the Design–The Design Critique

Every design is an opportunity for the designer to learn something. Maybe they learn about new techniques. Maybe they learn something about the users and their needs. Or maybe they learn how other parts of the design work.

Variations on a Theme

For each of the four techniques, variations can modify what they accomplish. For example, one team we recently worked with took a walkthrough and modified it to compare the user stories they’d created to the prototype they’d implemented.

The Attributes Behind the Techniques

If we look closely, we can see some patterns in these techniques. Reviews and critique are both about reflecting on the design, while walkthroughs and demos are for sharing the design with others. Reviews differ from critique because reviews focus on the future of the design. Critiques focus on how the design got to where it is today.



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