The Need to Think and Talk like an Executive

Jared M. Spool
10 min readMay 2, 2019

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Here’s a hard truth user experience design leaders find themselves learning: No one will buy into your UX design ideas if they can’t see how those ideas matter to them.

This is especially true for your organization’s leadership. They need to see how all those great UX design ideas will push forward their top priority, helping the organization. If they can’t see it, they won’t get behind your great ideas.

Within an organization, a design leader can only do so much on their own. At some point, getting executive buy-in becomes a necessity. Design leaders will then need to win over their executives by showing them how their UX design ideas make the organization stronger.

Three strategies; but only one works at scale.

We see many design leaders encounter the challenge of getting the executive buy-in they need. There are three basic strategies they can employ to overcome this challenge.

Strategy 1: Don’t ask permission. Instead, beg forgiveness.

This is often the first strategy design leaders try. Just push forward and try to build their great design without any organization leaders noticing.

This approach works just fine when the design team is small and capable of running under the radar. Even as the team grows larger, this will work only for small UX design initiatives.

However, as the team tackles bigger UX design challenges, it’ll become more difficult to always work in stealth-mode. Without the support of the executives, the team’s efforts will likely become stalled.

Strategy 2: Become design evangelists.

When the first strategy doesn’t work, design leaders often turn to a second. They try to educate their executives on what design is and how it helps. These design leaders reach for statistics-filled powerpoint decks on how design has helped other organizations, hoping to persuade the executives that their own organization is behind everyone else.

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