UX Strategy is a Long Game, But Worth Every Moment

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Implementing a UX strategy takes time.

When we think about implementing a round of usability testing or producing wireframes for a design, we’re used to those activities taking a few weeks or maybe a month to do, if there’s a lot of work. Those are tactical UX activities. A project’s tactical UX activities are what we do to improve the design of a specific product or service.

The importance of end goals, baselines, and champions

A good UX strategy has an end goal in mind. The end goal is how we’ll know when our strategy has been effective at making change in the organization. It answers the question, “If we do a good job of implementing this strategy, what good things will we see as a result?” This is the journey of our strategy.

It’s a game of patience and persistence.

It’s almost impossible to make big changes happen all at once. Instead, design leaders will need to break the efforts into baby steps.

UX Strategy with Jared Spool

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